J200 Phospher Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


These J-200 strings utilize Gibson’s heralded simpleion standards to achieve the proprietary mix of phosphorus and bronze. To produce the strings – the very same that come with Gibson Acoustic’s J-200 models – Gibson relies on a slow-winding process, resulting in richer tones and a longer lifetime. As a finishing touch, the ends of the J-200 strings are silk-wrapped to reduce saddle wear and eliminate sympathetic overtones.

Just like Gibson instruments, authentic Gibson strings are American made, world played. And, like our instruments, our genuine strings utilize strict quality control methods to ensure tone, durability and consistency. All Gibson strings feature specs absolutely unique to Gibson and are factory sealed to guarantee freshness in every set.

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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 5 cm



Lights – .012 – .053, Mediums – .013 – .056, Ultra Lights – .011 – .052

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